The Traveller Mind

Sometimes living in Rome teaches you to evaluate things more into their depth or at least it encourages you to give it a try. Actually, Italy has this quality of making you feel everything twice more intensely that if you were in a different country. Maybe it happens so because almost every day it’s sunny and it brings you in contact with all your senses or maybe it’s because of the history and all the lives that happened on this territory or maybe it’s just the latino style that puts a bigger emphasis on moods and emotions.


However, I invite you to close your eyes for a while and check if you have a traveller mind. How can you do it? It’s simple – check this list and question yourself.

  • The traveller mind meets almost the same type of people in every corner of the world and can’t understand the feeling of – I know you from somewhere but I don’t know how to prove it – so it has deja-vus and is aware of it (proved fact, many people told me they know me and vice versa ?!?)
  • If you have a traveller mind you just can’t focus on a specific place and can’t live as a normal inhabitant of a specific country for too long, because you always want to try something new. You want to put your feet on new territories, get to know new cultures and see new people and the idea of staying too long in a place totally scares you. Moreover, it makes you feel uncomfortable and it also makes you look like a freak in the eyes of your chill friends.
  • Usually traveller minds dream. They dream with their eyes wide open, they dream when they sleep, they dream when they walk on the streets, they dream even while making a coffee. Why? Because they have ideas, they are imaginative and their brain goes beyond the normal human limits. Actually, it’s more difficult to stop them from dreaming and making plans than to ask them to be productive or do some work that involves routine. This is what kills their spirits.
  • A traveller mind is happy only if it can create something different every day. Sometimes even speaking up an idea creates some sort of satisfaction for the simple pleasure of being thought of.
  • And, finally, the traveller mind collects the vibes from all the places. It’s no secret people who travel a lot are thought to be a lot more alive and are said to send a lot more emotions only by being around. Conversely, traveller minds have a lot more emotions and vibes within themselves than normal people.

This is just to point out some differences that shapes us like human beings. Sometimes being normal helps a lot having a quite, organized life and it keeps you away from trouble and unexpected situations. However, sometimes you are born with a traveller mind – which means you are born to think outside the box and see things differently almost all the time – or you just get to develop this characteristic feature through your experiences and choices. Regardless of anything, sometimes it’s good to know for yourself which category you belong to and where to make your next move.

And yes, the traveller mind knows how to create magic. Maybe that’s what makes its existence worthwhile.

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