The Dream.

Creating-the-Perfect-Landing-1068x601I was stuck in a country where I didn´t find my place – Romania. Therefore I moved to Italy. I loved it, I loved the sun, the food, the culture, but my heart wanted somewhere else. It just didn´t accept Italy. And Austria was always across the border and ready to give me another scholarship and a better chance. Coming to Austria felt like being home despite I was born in Romania. It was just there, all I had to do was just to go asap.

At that time there was one clear goal for me: get a job in Austria and move. Minimum requirements: learn the language a little bit, get an internship, take the risk, pack and embrace Austria. Living alone in your mid 20s shouldn´t have been impossible for someone who adores her independence and cannot trade her freedom for anything except from her salary.

And the time has come. It came after I closed all the chapters in my life: graduation, relationship and Italy.

In July there will be two years since I made this step and have no regrets for every single day I spent here. This was my dream and I made it happen. I lived in a village for one year, been commuting for two hours every day, spoke in English all day long and even took German classes after work. I joined an industry I had no idea about, was confused for months regarding what am I doing here and why am I spending my time here and even invested a lot of effort to figure out which should be the next step – if there was to be any.

Hah, not too bad for someone without any work experience but a lot of courage to give it a try. I just wanted it for me and didn´t care about any loses or consequences. Of course there were days when I hardly combined loneliness with hours of learning German. I didn´t accept anyone in my circle at that time, I was totally dedicated to my dream and there wouldn´t have been an option to share this chapter with someone else. It was too much mine. It was my project. My dream.

And the dream goes on, although for the moment the road is blocked with other people, other interests, too much noise and too less authenticity. Just like I waited in Italy, I will have to wait now here as well… When you know how hard you worked for your dreams which were yours and not someone else’s, the rest is just star dust…

Which dreams did you accomplish so far or at least started to work on?

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