Bad Ischl.

Since Austria is famous for its tourism (and indeed, there are many resorts worth having a look at), I am happy to write about another place I had the chance to visit – Bad Ischl. On a week-end when you have a lot of free time – and you feel like going for a long trip – this can be a very good choice. Why do I say ‘a lot of free time’? Well, because it´s not so close to Salzburg and if you want to return in the same day, you´d better start driving early in the morning…


From Salzburg up there it takes one hour and a half by bus no. 150, but the journey itself is very beautiful – the road to it goes along Fuschl am See and Wolfgansee and passes within many Austrian villages. Altogether, nature, mountains and tradition – nothing Western – and simple enough to help you clear your mind. As mentioned in another post, the lakes Fuschl am See and Wolfgang See are really worth seeing and are just on the way to this touristic city. The bus drives every 30 minutes from Salzburg, so there is no panic in case you didn´t make it for the first trip.

Bad Ischl belongs to the Salzkammergutes Area, which counts in all the lakes surrounded by mountains, from East to West. Therefore, to have a complete overview on what this side of Austria has to offer, it makes sense to try all the lakes and not just one for conveniency reasons. Where there are lakes, there are boats and where there are lakes, there are cosy terraces to drink cappuccino on and where there are lakes and good weather, there are happy people and good vibes. Coming back, the Salzkammergut could be a comprehensive choice, as this famous touristic region offer a diverse yet connected picture of Fuschlsee, Wolfgangsee and Mondsee.

The city Bad Ischl itself is famous for the therms – as you step out at the last bus stop, the therms are just 50 meters away. I might say I did not try them yet, but I heard only good recommendations. One of the main benefits of the therms is their curatoric effect of course. On the other hand, historically, the city is famous for the engagement of the Kaiser Franz Joseph I with Elisabeth (Sisi).


Apart from the therms and the museums, you can also have a ride with the cable car on top of the mountain. Katrin Seilbahn is not too far away from the city center and the view is simply amazing. Going on top is totally worth it, as it is one of the most beautiful panoramic views you could ever get in Austria – sometimes it also helps putting things into perspective, due to the complexity of the view.

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