The flight.

You´ve been on this journey for so long, trying to convince yourself it is the right way to do for a sustainable future. You chose the hard path, confident that it´s going to pay off and ready to give your best in exchange of something. Somehow it turned out to be more than a rocky mountain for your innocent soul. Welcome into the forest – see if you can find shelter when it rains.

It´s already late, you barely made it to the airport and now you´re sitting in front of the security check, ready to let them scan you and give you the final go. They check everything, they do their job, you´re just another passenger for them, but for you this flight is crucial. You had to leave. You had to. It was the time.

You are so tired you barely notice who passes by. However, you pick up your stuff carefully and continue your way to the gate, as if the world wouldn’t exist. You don´t care anymore. You don´t feel anymore. All you want to do is go home.

You know you will be back. But absent for a while.

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