How to Carpe Diem during Isolation

We all know that we’ve been chosen by some-special-forces to be where we are and now to stay where we are, namely home, and do what we have to do, namely wait. Because something is going to change and change requires different circumstances. Maybe it`s growth.

It could have been our grandparents, our grandchildren, with a bit of luck it could have stayed only with our ancestors and still… here we are… chosen to face it. Did anyone ask us? No. Would we have chosen the 2nd option? Was there ever a 2nd option? Why did it have to come in 2020? Why not 10 years later? Why did it come at all?

Being confronted with weeks of isolation, having to cancel a holiday, a date, several dates, reducing your chances to change your life to 0 if not even making it worse, listening to your thoughts 24/7 and living with uncertainty about what tomorrow might bring. Lovely and comfortable, right? All within your flat. Or with your family. Totally blocked. No open door, because outside awaits the virus.

And if this crisis happened to come right when you were just about to set up your feet in another direction… Just stay where you are. Corona is more important now. We are living in times of a worldwide Pandemie. Put your life on hold and try to stay alive until this wave it`s over. And don`t get crazy inside, on the contrary, look deeper into yourself, become friends with yourself and save your own self during this test of patience and consistency.

The concept of Carpe Diem during isolation goes back a few years ago, when I was planning to set up a blog about travelling and discovering the world, looking at the bright side of life and having a well-proportioned work-life-balance. I wanted to show how important and beneficial it is to go out and explore, meet new people and connect, dive deep and challenge the status quo. I wanted to give a reason to see diversity and the intercultural picture as a must before you settle. Or as a chance to make your DNA better that what you`ve inherited.

I am now back on the same blog, after another long break of maybe almost one year, with the same topic – enjoy life and make the best out of it! Isolation was definitely never an option for me and all the time when I was under these circumstances (in different context) I was under-developing.

I developed fears, convictions about the world, I narrowed my horizons and started to think I know exactly what comes next due to my very high-qualitative personal filter. Of course intuition is always a woman`s strongest weapon, but this combined with isolation might take you into the wrong direction. And it takes time and experience to see what consequences it leaves.

This is why I know that in order to deal with the inevitable isolation and stay safe, you need to use the isolation as a reason to focus on the inside and explore what hasn`t been considered because of other more important topics. You can deep dive into your strengths, passions, you can experiment with the furniture in your flat, try new recipes and make yourself some cocktails.

You can dance like crazy and call all your friends, you can explore the world from far away, plan your lifetime holidays and learn a new language. You can clean your flat 5 times per day and go shopping for avocado every day or you can try to listen to your mind… it will speak louder and louder day by day. It is when you are isolated that all your ignored topics come to surface because there is nothing else to cover them anymore.

There is no more stress, there is silence, you sleep better, your body rests more, you start thinking, you start thinking again, you take yourself seriously, you question the WHYs and the WHY NOTs and just like nature, which now gets a chance to breathe as well, the circle, your circle gets closed…

I would be curious to know how do you Carpe Diem during isolation? Do you even know how to have a good time? It took me two weeks already till I finally re-started writing…

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