Set goals while crossing days.

Since the quarantine or the lockdown (call it as you feel) gets longer and longer and you are just a human, maybe it’s time to turn this unexpected historical context into a challenge and go deeper than just crossing the days in the calendar and working. In general, it turns one month to create new habits. I mean you need to be consistent for one month to learn a new habit and hope you will not give it up as soon as the restaurants are open.

Since not everyone was born over-motivated, some of us need to be more disciplined and persistent in order to get something done step by step, day by day. A plan or an idea always helps to define some shapes.

Today I want to talk about the things, projects, ideas that I hope to get done by the end of the quarantine. I would like to talk about personal goals, as this excites me and puts me into something. Keeps me busy and helps me sleep better. It puts things into perspective. It shows a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. It shows a beginning and an end. And a journey in between. A journey in your own flat with your own resources. No coaching or mentoring.

I would like to talk about doing things differently, but still getting them done. If I’m not over-motivated, I would like to go through the following points of interest:

  • Learn 5 new different recipes – maybe something Italian, something Spanish and something French. Already cooked asparagus on my own and learned to combine Aperol with white whine.
  • Start practicing yoga. Twice a week is already an experiment.
  • Watch a season from a TV show I`m interested in – I’m currently watching a Start up Pitch TV Show, 2 mio 2 min. it’s always good to know what is on the market while keeping a rational head.
  • Read a book until the end. I am currently reading a book about the new financial crisis. Good to know what might happen. I personally didn’t see corona coming to Salzburg.

I would to use this time to find new passions. To nurture interests which have neglected because I thought learning German is the only way.

I`m confident we’ve been given this time which is anyhow limited with a purpose. It will end. Everything ends. Just like university ends. Just like an old job comes to an end because you get another offer. Everything has its own time and maybe the lesson is to use that time with a purpose, knowing there is a deadline out there.

Which habits would you rather adopt other than sitting on the couch and working all day long?

Tell me about your goals. Find them, please. It’s gonna be a long journey and we’re only in the middle of the third week.

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