2020 Readings // The Ride of a Lifetime – Disney CEO Robert Iger

It all started with an interview I watched, where Oprah Winfrey had Robert Iger talking about his recently published memoirs, with the purpose of fundraising for some scholarships.

The interview is available here and it’s a good overview regarding the topics that Oprah and Iger tackled and the most relevant points in his career:  

This interview really left me curious about the former Disney CEO and what type of legacy he left behind. Starting in 2005, Robert Iger took over the function of the CEO of The Walt Disney Company and ever since had to cope with a series of challenges, hard decisions and major acquisitions. Currently, the very powerful media company owns Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and 21st Century Fox.

What really impressed about the book was Iger´s openness to talk about the hardest time in his life and career – the death of child eaten by an alligator into one of the Disney Amusement Parks in USA, while the whole Disney team was about to inaugurate a new amusement Park in Shanghai. While trying to handle the both events, Iger mentioned that this was the most important moment in his career, where none of the moments had to be eclipsed by the other but both of them had to be publicly approached with the necessary attitude of sorrow and joy respectively. Over the past 15 years, Iger speaks about handling the deterioration of the morale, dealing with competition and keeping up with the latest developments in technology. As he explains, there were 3 pillars he refered to while knowing that arguing over the past will not bring any value. Thus, he focused on bringing the highest quality content ever, making friends with technology and thinking bigger and global. While leading 200,000 employees, staying curious about what drives progress and putting decency over the dollar, he finally agrees that You can’t fake leadership.

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