2020 Readings // The Rosie Result

The 10 days of mandatory quarantine upon my entry in Romania gave me a reason to sit down and count the days until I can finally go out. An entertaining book was a good idea to kill the hours and see what Graeme Simsion has been working on in the 400 pages he wrote.

The Rosie Project, The Rosie Effekt and The Rosie Result is a funny trilogy which relates about one nerd with slight autistic problems, trying to find a girlfriend which he eventually found (Rosie), living with her and finally raising their child which has as well some deficiencies.

I happened to have the third book at hand, which I bought randomly before flying once and which I found now once again back at home. The Rosie Result is about Don and Rosie, married since 12 years, freshly returned to Australia, together with their 11 year old child, which struggles to adapt to the society, doesn’t have too many friends and has difficulties in accepting changes.

Their attempts to help him cope with his (already supposed) autistic syndrome before the school officially puts him this label and sends him to special help, as well as the dialog and the surprises Hudson makes for them, transforms the book into a journey about love, care, family and cooperation.

Don, the main character, decided to take some time off from work and dedicate it to the Hudson-Projekt. He puts all his knowledge, personal experience and advice from his friends to enable his son to slightly open up to the society and overcome the dificulties that Don himself had to while being a child, due to the different perception over the world, caused by the syndrome.

In the end, Hudson made a lot of progress and decided not to adapt to the society but rather to help the society accept people like him. It’s a good example of how much love two parents can have for their children and how intelligently they deal with the situation in order to help their kid grow and overcome his status.

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