But first, let me take a short speech!

DSC_0598Dear future followers,

I have recently experienced some questions regarding what I am good at, mainly after having obtained two bachelor degrees in my home country and having discovered my lack of interest in any of them. Given several circumstances that I have been responsible for bringing into my simple life, I made some serious changes regarding my carreer and commitments and chose to give a chance to freelancing in order to find some strengths of mine. I strongly believe that before accepting any unpleasant requirements from your job and school, one is responsible for trying as many times as possible to start over until some answers are being provided. I encourage, therefore, making experiments, assuming risks and hoping for better results instead of accepting a sad life and giving up hope. We are living in a world that does not stop from surprising us, not only do we have to focus on specialising on a certain field, but we also have to work for a back-up plan because tomorrow we might have to adapt to a new reality.

I made this terrific introduction in order to find some common areas of interest with you, my future readers and, hopefully, get your attention for the next five minutes. I feel totally comfortable writing in my native language, mainly because I have all the words at hand, but I find it challenging enough to try addressing international readers that deserve sharing my concerns, activities and ideas with. This is an old dream of mine, keeping an English blog, combining my language skills with my thoughts and getting some feedback from people reading it all over the world.

I invite you in this marvellous journey that might help us all share our interests and, in the end, spend some quality time online, together.

Best regards,

2 gânduri despre „But first, let me take a short speech!

  1. thank you, my dear! was astonished to see you’ve got a blog for so long! it is simply lovely!! italian greetings to you as well! sent directly from Italy this time! 🙂

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